27 Cool testimonials about giving2018.

  • Jim Bates
    Jim Bates

    Your introductory conference was excellent. The topics were terrific and very appropriate and more so the speakers were all very good and engaging. While I did not obviously attend all sessions the ones I did were fantastic.

  • Edward Stephon
    Edward Stephon

    Superb conference! I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from every session. Listening to seasoned presenters speak on their respective areas of expertise was very helpful, indeed. In my opinion, planned giving is the most complex part of philanthropic fundraising, and they made it so enjoyable! Listening to Robert Madonna [on Networking] and David Unruh [Keynote] was especially fun and interesting. Also, Patrick O’Donnell [perfect LinkedIn profile] greatly enriched the second day of the Conference. I will ask my colleagues and clients to consider attending and possibly presenting next year.

  • Cindy Mallow
    Cindy Mallow

    I wasn’t sure what to expect, but came away from the conference pleased with the day’s events. The speakers were engaging, the topics were timely and relevant. Oh, and the food was great and Chloe was adorable! Looking forward to seeing what next year brings!

  • Jim Bates
    Jim Bates

    I thought the introductory conference was terrific. The speakers were engaging and dynamic and the topics were very informative and timely in terms of my short time in fundraising. I’m looking forward to attending future conferences in the hopes they are as valuable and rewarding.

  • Mariam Sanders
    Mariam Sanders

    Very inspiring speakers, and a great group of attendees. And very good networking opportunities. Overall a good place to learn, grow, and have fun all at the same time. (Too much food!)

  • Shannon O'Neill
    Shannon O'Neill

    Chloe wins for cutest conference attendee! Viken and his team put together a dynamic conference and I left with great reminders, suggestions, and directions for next steps in advancing my goals. The speakers were very knowledgable and relatable and the sessions were timed very well. Great networking opportunities too! Hoping this can expand to a full 2-day conference in 2019.

  • Ari Betof
    Ari Betof

    Thank you to Viken Mikaelian and his team for putting together an informative and thoughtful conference. It was especially helpful to have fundraising professionals from across multiple nonprofit sectors approaching discussions from different perspectives. I’m looking forward to next year!

  • Jory A Barrad
    Jory A Barrad

    I enjoyed the sessions, walked away with some new insights and tools that I can use immediately, and enjoyed both seeing old friends and meeting some new friends. I will be back!

  • Julie Hyland
    Julie Hyland

    I am very glad that I blocked off 1 1/2 days out of my schedule to attend this conference. I thought the speakers were great – informative, energetic, and experts in their field. Well done!

  • Guylaine Thomas
    Guylaine Thomas

    As someone new to the industry, I found the information very useful. I brought back some strong takeaways that can be implemented immediately. Thank you to all of the presenters for great advice!

  • Sylvia Bastani
    Sylvia Bastani

    Exceptional conference! Superior speakers sharing incredibly useful content & professional expertise. I wish there was more! The staff were friendly & helpful and the hospitality was excellent. Cannot wait until the next one!

  • Brett Wells
    Brett Wells

    This was an informative and enjoyable experience. The presenters gave with practical solutions to the issues that impact all of us in the development field. This was much different from the legal/tax heavy presentations from other groups that I have attended in the past. I will definitely be back in 2019.

  • Seetha Aiyar
    Seetha Aiyar

    This was a superb, affordable, and top notch giving conference! Hearty congratulations to the organizing team. I particularly appreciated the carefully selected dynamite speakers, topics relevant to our industry, and the incredible interactive breakout sessions. It was a productive day which energized me to do more in the charitable industry. Happy fundraising to everyone in fourth quarter 2018!

  • Jennifer Williams
    Jennifer Williams

    I thought this was a great, well-balanced, organized, and inspiring conference. All the speakers were great, and I’ll echo that Laura Sicola was a fantastic opener. My only suggestion is that I would have liked a brief explanation of the sessions (rather than just the title) in the printed schedule.

  • Laura Sicola
    Laura Sicola

    I was so honored to kick off the conference as the morning keynote. There is nothing more exciting, as a speaker, than to work with a fully engaged audience, and that’s exactly who showed up. What a terrific group of people, running amazing organizations. I wish I could have stayed for the whole thing! Viken and his team run a well-oiled machine. I can’t wait to work with them again.

  • Cathleen Parsons-Nikolic
    Cathleen Parsons-Nikolic

    I thought the conference was first class in how it was organized, including ample time for interacting with fellow practitioners, I was fortunate to serve as a speaker and felt the dialog in the sessions were helpful for folks from all difference organizational sizes and missions. I look forward to being involved again.

  • Emily Nso
    Emily Nso

    Laura’s presentation was the perfect way to kick off the conference, I enjoyed every minute of it. As I returned to my office, I could not wait to implement the tools you shared with us. Thank you, you are an incredible speaker and teacher..

  • Mark Seeley
    Mark Seeley

    Everyone kept commenting about Laura Sicola after she left. What a great opening at my conference Giving @2018 in Valley Forge, PA. hashtag#plannedgiving. The entire conference was a success.

  • Patrick O'Donnell
    Patrick O'Donnell

    I was a presenter on the second day, and thought the setup was great — everything was ready to go when I arrived. I also thought the other presenters were excellent. Well worth the time.

  • Robert Madonna
    Robert Madonna

    More promotion of the second day agenda. I think that more people would have stayed if they know more about the agenda. I really admire you for taking the risk and putting this event on. I think you hit a home run!

  • Lise Twiford
    Lise Twiford

    As a presenter, I was thrilled to have such an engaged group. The room was full even at the end of the day. Great conference! Hope to see everyone again next year. Until then… have a good time and live success.

  • Jane Danek
    Jane Danek

    What a great conference! You had a terrific group of attendees who were happy to be there and wanted to learn. As a speaker, I couldn’t ask for more. Better yet, I also learned from the other speakers and I was truly inspired. Thank you Viken for a job well done! See you next time!

  • Rebecca Price Janney
    Rebecca Price Janney

    What a wonderful conference! I hope it met your expectations and that it was also a learning experience for the next ones you’ll do. Running an event like that is “all hands on deck.” I thought for the most part, things ran smoothly, and the speakers were really good. The morning keynote woman was engaging and offered a lot of advice that hit home with everyone I spoke to.

  • Michael Pelt
    Michael Pelt

    I drove 9 hours to attend this. It was worth every minute. I wish you had hotel rooms reserved at a discount. Regardless, very well worth it.

  • Raina Womer
    Raina Womer

    Yesterday’s Philanthropy Conference was great – the food, speakers, and topics!! Thank you for a great day of learning and networking. Looking forward to 2019!

  • Sharon Simmons
    Sharon Simmons

    The greatest conference I have ever attended on Philanthropy.

  • Brian Allen
    Brian Allen

    The Conference was very well done. All of my workshops were very helpful, and the facilitators were stellar. It was also very organized.

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